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Dariya & Daniel

Dariya (as WABA instructor) & Daniel have been sharing their passion for aquatic body­work with groups since 2004.

Besides the belief that a solid technical base provides possi­bilities for ease and lightness in further personal growth, their main focus is to create spaces for flow, deepening and connection.

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I was born in 1965 in sLOVEnija. Auroville & what it stands for, has been my chosen home since my mid-twenties. I embrace the vibrant tapestry of life on this awe-inspiring, resilient Mother Earth, & I aspire for ALL of her children to thrive.

Each day, I acknowledge the importance of beauty medicine that surrounds us, directing my energy towards small yet purposeful acts of contribution, whether through the offering of blossoming flowers or the creation of intricate Kolam designs.

I cherish the unity of like-minded souls forming circles, where we nurture intentions to be, celebrate & mourn, support, learn, flourish & further spreading & sowing seeds of change in our distinctive living circumstances.

I love holding spaces and sharing skills & embodied wisdom, continually pushing the boundaries of my own capabilities. Be it through Aquatic Bodywork, Women Temple, Dance Offering & more, I aspire to remain rooted in (often tough) love and a no-nonsense attitude, as my tolerance for anything less than genuine remains minimal.

Fuelled by a profoun
d passion, I long to witness the transformative waves of systemic change within my lifetime, confident that my humble endeavours contribute to this profound journey of collective growth and renewal.

Looking beyond the surface, I consistently rediscover that the common thread uniting us transcends our differences, reminding us that our shared humanity is far greater than any divisions or differences.

I'm so grateful that what I love & what I share with the world are one ❤


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If we were to capture Daniel's essence in a single quality, it would undoubtedly be his patience — a virtue extended generously to himself and others, whether they be family, friends, clients, or students.

With nearly three decades of expertise in the art of sharing aquatic bodywork, Daniel's hands are among the finest globally, enriching anyone fortunate enough to experience their touch.

In the embrace of warm water, he feels that worldly problems fade away, leaving a profound connection with the divine.

Daniel finds constant gratitude in the realization that his deepest passion aligns with his life's work, a contribution filled with warmth and sanctity, woven within the gentle embrace of the water.


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